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Stitch Charms

Stitch Charms

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🌠 Step into a universe of magic and friendship as Stitch Charms bring the beloved blue alien to life, where enchantment and mischief come together in the most delightful way! 💙

From Stitch's signature grin to his twinkling eyes, whether you're exploring the theme parks or strolling through your own adventure-filled day, these charms are miniature work of art that celebrates the spirit of friendship, individuality, and the joy of embracing life's quirks.


  • Crafted from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material
  • Lightweight design adds no extra weight to your shoes
  • Durable construction ensures resilience against wear and tear
  • Easy attachment and removal from Crocs' holes


  • While there may be slight size variations among different charm sets, most can still be referenced using the sizes provided above.
  • The sizes provided above are examples and may not exactly match the charms in your purchased sets.
  • Please allow for minor size discrepancies due to manual measurements.
  • Children should use this product under adult supervision to prevent accidental ingestion of small parts.
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    Assembly Instructions

    How to put it on:

    1. Aim the charm towards the hole on your shoes and insert it at a 45° angle.
    2. Press the charm down firmly until you hear the 'pa' sound.

    How to take it off:

    1. Place your hand inside the shoe and gently push the charm upwards using your finger.
    2. Push outwards and use your other hand to hold the edge of the charm to remove it.